! attention : i don't mind if people kin the same characters as me, doubles are not important to me! this list is for fun as kinning is one of my coping skills !


(ive kinned these characters for so long that its obnoxious)

saya ogai (saya no uta)

& morticia "mortie" smith (rick and morty / oc)


(not "literally me" category, but still important kins)

chara · corrin · dorothy · kaworu nagisa
lawrence oleander · maiden astrea · joker · M4 SOPMOD II
syoko hoshi · tata · remilia scarlet · ui tamaki


(the rest of my kins are just for fun!)

asahi serizawa · bebegom · chizuru yukimura · hikaru nanjo
kris · northern ocean hime · miku hatsune · padparadscha
plain doll · silver fox · tae yamada · tohru kobayashi

hover for full names and character source